The good use of Guildforums..

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The good use of Guildforums.. Empty The good use of Guildforums..

Post  Sun Xiao on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:18 pm

Just kicked out the game due MAINTENANCE while talking to Wu Jing.
after 2 days of no activity Sad Yea is pretty usefull to have a place to all gather when there is no time to play. Already miss mocking with ya guys Crying or Very sad But will do it soon again.

Please all spread the word of signing in the guildforums so everyone will know about the stuff going on!

Guildforum is usefull for
- Being contact with each other even when someone is not in game
- Planning guildevents, YES WE WILL DO THEM !
- Sharing strategies and listing up all info that can be usefull to everyone Very Happy
- Selling and trading goods with each other, because guildies support each other first!
- the fun factory 2, getting to know each other beside slaughtering NPC Very Happy

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