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Post  Sun Xiao on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:05 am

Hello everyone,

I am Sun Xiao. Co-founder of Tigers of the East (I made up the name together), current leader.
I play eversince closed beta but had some breaks within due any reason. Nontheless I am pretty experienced in the game itself and I hope to help anyone becoming better or to have fun in DWO!
Usually a positive thinking girl Very Happy Have sometimes harsh opinions, but can guarantee I am always honest and when I say something, I mean it a 100%.
I might be a weak leader, but I do my best to make things fun for everyone.
Some facts about me below:

19 yrs old,
Always busy with work (Utsuho knows Very Happy)
Student animator
Sometimes serious
I have morning moods..
but will continue speaking english even with dutch people Smile
LOVE scandinavia and canada
LOVE pizza hawaii
LOVE Ben&Jerries
LOVE food
LOVE's to much
I'm very freeminded, little creative and sometimes supercrazy
~ I'm a girl
(And I wont answer if you ask me)

I think I kinda introduced myself much like this? Now it's your turn!
Sun Xiao
Sun Xiao

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