Guildupdate: Clean up-list sept. 1st '11

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Guildupdate: Clean up-list sept. 1st '11 Empty Guildupdate: Clean up-list sept. 1st '11

Post  Sun Xiao on Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:55 pm

Hello, out guild is up full again and we need to update it to keep it fresh for new arrivals and friends Very Happy

The clean-up will take at September 1st, 2011

We managed to get in Zhao Zhu and Athras since our last guild clean up (I think) Which is a good sign if we get the guildmembers up to the guild-forum.
I made this list based on un-announced inactivities. If one of you do not agree with me you can post his/her name in a message below. Also if you seen any of these members online in this past week or in this coming week. Also announce it in game or here.

- Azrael
- FanLi
- Jiyeon
- Magasa10
- SaSuke
- Yakuza
- YiYing
_ FeiGao
- Kenshislb
- utau
- Beatrix (former second guildleader)
- Aquasol (former respected officer)
- Dunadan (Former first guildleader and founder)
- Mitsusuke (Former respected officer)

After the guild clean-up, the search for new members will be continued.

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