Battle results

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Battle results

Post  Sun Xiao on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:56 pm

Show off here your Battle results, or just those that you feel proud of Very Happy
Since half my screenshot map is taken with battle results Ill just show some

One of my first Showdown results~
You can see Dunadan (former guildleader) just to show it's old Very Happy lol

Haha won on the edge!
(I see now AngelYq and Yz are in here too o_o, they recently moved from Dong Zhuo with guild BaseCapturers. AngelYq is the first Grand general. But this is an old picture)

Won 1 vs 4 on a KO battle, with my old alt char

Ok let's switch to some more recent pictures!

ok let'say, I was just damn proud on this result! Xeth, Rafael and GG are great players Very Happy

Souichiro is my favorite KO enemy because he's better than me, but just that little so I beat him sometimes!
Is always a good challange with him Cool

OK that's it for now, I have 100 more of these pictures..... please post your result, even if you lost or was 4th place~
Sometimes I lost badly but I had such a GREAT battle, I also take another screenshot like a memory shot

Time to post and share Very Happy
Sun Xiao

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Re: Battle results

Post  Jing Wu on Wed Aug 17, 2011 1:48 pm

At first i was lossing.

It was very fun game Smile
Jing Wu

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