Stressed situation -.-

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Stressed situation -.- Empty Stressed situation -.-

Post  Sun Xiao on Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:30 pm

Hey guys,

I got some trouble on my job due surfing the net a lot (I'm not in lunchbreak lol-.-) so they're keeping me on a thight cord and are very strict on me, so I messed up a little, I'm just an intern so I couldn't care less really.
But then the 2nd thing I realized is that I have to finish my book of proof (About my interns since January) AND get my exam project plan on paper finished in 2 WEEKS. So that means I'm gonna be more occupied than ever and I'm stressed out -.-
But don't worry I'll still function about here and in game. But just so you guys know about it.....

Have a nice day and seeyou soon!

(and lol why must titles be over 10 characters o_o)

Stressed situation -.- W80ord
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