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Post  GuanShu on Tue Aug 09, 2011 9:11 am

I am Guan Shu, changed loyalties from Shu, Loyal General of Wu and Tigers of the East, Supporter of Commander Zhou Yu and a proud friend to Wu Very Happy Very Happy .
i am having a good time in DWO, well experienced on taking bases and killing soldiers, not a game addictor Razz Razz , i also negotiate with people on selling and buying good stuff, love to help people prepare for the best future of Wu kingdom.
come to me when ever you want good items, gears and weapons Very Happy Very Happy, selling them on the cheapest price you get than the broker's business Very Happy Very Happy. i am not always online, so if you want something, send messages in my inbox.
respect is what i do, love to bring joy to the people in the game Very Happy Very Happy, sometimes bad at confront but still its early to say that i am a good achiever on titles or even leading people for these hard moments Smile.

i live in Kuwait, you can say i live in the Middle-East Razz
i love to eat lasagna and pasta, sometimes pizza with fungi or margarita Smile
i love to eat cookies and cream or pralines and cream mmmmmmmmmmmm..... Razz.
i love to drink pineapple juice with cherry or lemon in summer, cappuccino in winter Razz
i love too much the people in the guild, ask whenever you wanted my assistance Smile

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Guan shu from Cheng Du Empty Re: Guan shu from Cheng Du

Post  Sun Xiao on Wed Aug 10, 2011 9:08 pm

Shu, that's why we're proud to have you with us Very Happy
Good to hear your motives! and I hope to bring you as much fun as you want to bring us as well Very Happy

And wow, Kuwait? Shocked I know now 3 persons coming from there playing DWO, but Kuwait is superlittle right!? I'd nearly think you all friends of each other, Could that be? Rolling Eyes xD
Know Skundomo, Romie, from Aeriaforums? He's from Kuwait too Smile
Sun Xiao
Sun Xiao

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